We’re pleased to announce that there’s a new version of CodeScene Enterprise available.


This new version introduces a new user interface with a much improved UX that makes it even easier for you to explore your codebase. We’ve also extended the X-Ray feature to support languages like Ruby, Python and Erlang. In addition, we’ve made several improvements like view code features, code diffs, and much more.


You’ll also notice that the tool finally got a real name, CodeScene, to distinguish it from Empear the company.




New Features


  • A new user interface to provide a better UX when navigating different analysis results.

  • Our X-Ray feature gives you deep insights into the evolution of your code. In this version we’ve X-Ray support for the following programming languages: C, C++, C#, Java, Clojure, Ruby, Python, Erlang.

  • Support multiple JIRA projects as data source for Project Management metrics.

  • Support an auto-updated dashboard view designed to share analysis results for the whole team on a TV/projector screens.

  • Display the trend of Complexity/Lines of Code growth in the Complexity Trends.

  • Introduce a new analysis of Proximity. The proximity analysis is part of our X-Ray feature and it presents a set of recommendations on how to re-structure the methods in a Hotspot in order to make the code more readable. Check out the included documentation to read more about CodeScence’s proximity analysis.

  • Present duplicated code snippets as a side-by-side diff.

  • Present a view code option to inspect the X-Ray hotspots on a function/method level.

  • Recognizes more languages and pre-processors, like lessAndroid ADL, etc.






  • Performance improvements for the C++ support in X-Ray on large source code files.

  • New wizard work flow to configure analysis projects.

  • Separate configuration of threshold values for the Social Network in code.

  • Support Issue Types as a data source in the JIRA integration.

  • Create default architectural components for an analysis in projects with multiple repositories.

  • Minor bug fixes.




Contact us to get your license to CodeScene here.