We’re pleased to announce that there’s a new version of CodeScene Enterprise available.


This new version of CodeScene calculates a risk profile for your project. Every commit is scored against that profile. You get an early warning on the dashboard for a High Risk Commit if any commit deviates from how your changes typically look. We’ve also included a new analysis to detect team productivity bottlenecks and another new analysis that lets you detect patterns based on the content of commit messages.



CodeScene identifies high-risk commits.




New Features


  • CodeScene calculates a risk profile for your project based on both technical and social metrics. CodeScene delivers an early warning in case any recent commit exceeds a threshold for risk. You use this information to prioritize additional code reviews and testing efforts.



Inspect the details of high-risk commits.


  • Improved analysis of parallel development as we now present a navigable fragmentation map over the whole codebase.

  • CodeScene now detects parallel development on a team level. As soon as you’ve defined your development teams, CodeScene will look for areas in the code where multiple teams need to coordinate their work. You use this analysis to spot the parts of your codebase where you work against Conway’s Law and run the risk of increased coordination overhead. We also support fractal figures on a team level now.



CodeScene detects areas with excess parallel development for both indivudals and teams.


  • CodeScene’s JIRA integration supports cost measurements in story points. Note that this is in addition to the existing support for cost analyses based on the time spent on each feature.

  • Introduce a new Modus Operandi analysis to spot trends based on the content of your commit messages.

  • Support white list specification of analysis content. This is useful when you only want to analyze the content in one or two top-level folders in your codebase.






  • Improved C support in X-Ray. This is both a performance improvement and a functional improvement since X-Ray for C now plays well with macros in the function argument lists.

  • Performance improvements for the C# support in X-Ray. We’ve also made the C# parser aware of compiler directives, which improves its accuracy.

  • Improved documentation with specific examples on patterns to exclude or white list the content of a codebase.

  • Always use the complete history of the code to calculate knowledge metrics. Please note that this is disabled by default and that you need to enable it in the project configuration.

  • Complexity trend warnings only apply to recently modified code.

  • Minor bug fixes.




Contact us to get your license to CodeScene here.