We’re pleased to announce a new release of our on-premises version of CodeScene.


This new version of CodeScene provides architectural trend analyses. That means you can now investigate the complexity growth on an architectural level.


CodeScene also aggregates the architectural trends so that you can inspect how the development focus shifts between different sub-systems over time:



The architectural trends let you view how the development effort has shifted over the years.


 CodeScene also calculates a complexity trend for the system as a whole:



The evolution of the complete codebase.


You use this information to see if the system has stabilized and entered a maintenance phase or if it still evolves rapidly. You can also correlate the growth patterns to how the staffing has looked over time.




Additional New Features


  • CodeScene’s complexity trends are now interactive so that you can inspect the details of each sample point:



Inspect the revisions at the sample points in the trend.


  • X-Ray support for Scala, JavaScript, TypeScript, and Objective-C.

  • Support code churn metrics by Task/Ticket ID. This is an extension of the existing code churn analysis. There’s a new tab that lets you view the code churn and number of authors by task. Note that this feature also applies to the JIRA integration.

  • The Hotspots now have a View Code option on their pop-up menu.

  • Import architectural definitions. Makes it easier to manage large projects with many different architectural boundaries.






  • Optimized run-time and memory usage. CodeScene has been validated on codebases with +25 Million Lines of code and +600.000 commits.

  • Filter away local content that isn’t included in the Git repository.

  • Use auto-generated colors in all fractal figures.



Fractal figures show the diffusion of development work on a module.

  • Detect Perl and R code.

  • Parse the complete Git commit body in order to ensure we fetch all possible Ticket/Task IDs.

  • Minor bug fixes.

Contact us to get your license to CodeScene here.