We’re pleased to announce a new release of our on-premises version of CodeScene.


This new version of CodeScene adds X-Ray support for more programming languages. CodeScene’s X-Ray now supports the top programming languages in TIOBE’s index and several others.




Additional New Features


  • X-Ray support for Visual Basic .NET, PHP, Go, and Apex (Salesforce proprietary language).



X-Ray files that evolve together even if they are implemented in multiple languages.


Note that the X-Ray of Temporal Coupling is capable of detecting implicit dependencies between functions implemented in different programming languages. This comes in handy to help you uncover logical dependencies between your front-end code and back-end services. The figure above shows an example on implicit logical dependencies between C# and VB code.






  • A more tolerant Java parser for X-Ray.

  • Solved an edge case with the complexity trend warnings. This improvement reduces false positives.


ComplexityTrend (1)

CodeScene auto-detects and alerts you to code that grows more and more complicated over time.


  • Solved an edge case for parallel development that gave false positives with respect to developer fragmentation.

  • Minor bug fixes.




Contact us to get your license to CodeScene here.