We’re pleased to announce a new release of our on-premises version of CodeScene.


This new version of CodeScene provides a REST API that lets you integrate the analysis results in a continuous integration pipeline and/or as robot comments in a code review tool like Gerrit. This lets you prioritize your code reviews and react to early warnings before they are delivered to your main branch.




New Features


  • CodeScene’s REST API provides a special type of analysis called a Delta Analysis. A Delta Analysis is triggered by a pull request, a range of commits or a single commit; You decide through the API.



A Delta Analysis gives you early warnings and detects high risk changes.


  • Expose a list with the risk classification of all recent commits in the UI.

  • Remove sensitive information. Some analysis information from CodeScene may be considered sensitive from a legal perspective. Thus, CodeScene provides system-wide configuration options that let you disable such information.

  • Add X-Ray support for the Swift language.

  • Present a trend with the number of active contributors over time. The contribution trend is particularly interesting when correlated with the other churn trends. Correlating the number of active contributors to these churn metrics lets you evaluate the effect (or lack thereof) when a project is scaled up or down.



The number of active contributors over time gives you insights into project efficiency.





  • Simplified the configuration by auto-detecting sensible thresholds for a rising hotspot warning.

  • Support RSpec files.

  • Read the database path from an optional environment variable.

  • New analysis configurations use a Ticket/Task ID configuration by default in order to encourage its usage.

  • Clarify the scope of the system complexity trends with respect to analyses on partial Git history.

  • Minor bug fixes.




Contact us to get your license to CodeScene here.