We’re pleased to announce a new release of our on-premises version of CodeScene.


This new version of CodeScene provides several UI and usability improvements. In addition, we also offer an open source Jenkins plugin that lets you use CodeScene pro-actively in your continuous integration pipeline.




New Features


  • Configurable filters for temporal coupling. Some temporal dependencies are expected and may distract from potentially more interesting cases. CodeScene lets you apply dynamic filters to hide your expected temporal coupling.



Define filters for temporal coupling to hide obvious relationships.


  • Integrate the task analysis results with existing project management tools. By configuring a simple template, your tasks get hyperlinked to the more detailed information in tools such as JIRA, GitHub, or Trello.



Click on a task in the analysis to navigate to your JIRA view.


  • Auto-calculate thresholds for complexity trend warnings.

  • Extend the analysis of code churn by task with a measure of lead times to completion.

  • Out of the box Jenkins plugin for risk classification and early warnings. Available as a separate installation and download here.






  • Re-organize the social analysis maps by separating the legend from the information.



A better overview of the knowledge distribution through the improved UI.


  • Auto-detect unknown content. CodeScene has rules to interpret all major programming languages. Now we also auto-detect other text content in your repository and include that content in the analysis.

  • Support for Pascal and Delphi.

  • Improve scalability of the analysis views.

  • Solve Internet Explorer 9 rendering issues for the risk classification view.

  • Suggest an analysis start date.

  • Minor bug fixes.




Contact us to get your license for CodeScene here.