We’re proud to announce our 2.1 release of the CodeScene on-premise version!


CodeScene 2.1 comes with a set of optimizations for faster analyses and a groundbreaking X-Ray extension that lets you uncover implicit dependencies between code in different Git repositories.




New Features


  • X-Ray Temporal Coupling Between Repositories: Since CodeScene’s analyses are language neutral it can identify implicit/hidden change patterns between code implemented in different languages. But CodeScene can now go an extra mile and even uncover such change patterns when the different files are located in separate Git repositories!



Find implicit dependencies between functions in different Git repositories.


  • Coupling Across Repository Boundaries: This information has been available before, but CodeScene now introduces a new view that only shows temporal coupling between repositories to highlight those important change patterns. Use this view to launch the X-Ray described above.



Easy access to temporal coupling across Git repositories.


  • Select an Analysis Branch via the UI: CodeScene provides a dropdown in the project configuration with all branches sorted on recency.

  • Separate Analysis Start Date for Organizational Metrics: This new version lets you specify the date of the last organizational change, which is then used as a baseline for the team analyses. Thus, you can now use different analysis time spans for technical and organizational analyses.

  • Clone an existing Analysis Configuration: Create a new analysis project based on an existing one. CodeScene just prompts for a new project name and clones the rest of the settings from a given project used as baseline (teams, etc included).






  • Improved Code Age visualization that uses a categorical scale rather than continuous colors to highlight the areas of interest.

  • The change frequency distribution on a file level has been re-introduced and is available under the System Trends view.

  • Add more default exclusions of known binary content to speed up analysis times.

  • Optimize the data mining for space efficiency. This new version uses 2-3 times less space on disk for the analysis results.

  • Introduce a configuration option to disable the high precision algorithm for re-solving ownership on copy-pasted content. Use this to speed up analysis times by trading precision in the knowledge metrics.

  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.




Contact us to get your license for CodeScene here.