We’re proud to announce our 2.3 release of the CodeScene on-premise version!


CodeScene 2.3 comes with several usability improvements that make it even easier to leverage the full power of the analyses. In addition, we’ve also added support for pair-programming, and improved the social analyses and delivery risk classifications. Finally, we also bring support for Single Sign-On to CodeScene.




New Features


  • Single Sign-On: This new release supports an authentication provider such as LDAP/Active Directory, to perform identity verification for your users. Users can then log in using the same credentials that they use for other services within your system.

  • Visual Interface for Building Architectural Components: CodeScene can run all its analyses at the architectural level too, which lets you detect system-level hotspots, implicit dependencies between components, and evaluate your team structure. With this release, architectural analyses are simpler than ever to use as you configure your system’s architectural boundaries interactively in the UI.



Configure your architectural boundaries interactively.


  • Support Knowledge Maps for Pair and Mob Programming: In case your organization uses practices like pair or mob programming you need to tell CodeScene about it. By configuring pair programming support, CodeScene will split contributions between the people in a pair or mob. Read more about the pair programming support here.



CodeScene's knowledge maps now reflect pair programmed contributions.


  • Present Author Activity as a Time Line: The new time line shows which developers were active in the different phases of your project.

  • Calculate Cyclomatic Complexity for JavaScript and TypeScript: Complexity calculation is now part of the X-Ray analysis, since complexity should–ideally–be viewed through the lens of development activity.

  • Developer Identity Mapping allows Modification of Real Name: Many developers use separate aliases in Git. CodeScene’s Developer Identity Mapping has been extended to let you rename existing authors too.

  • Support Java 9: CodeScene now runs out of the box on Java 9 too.






  • Improve rename detection for large change sets that involve massive restructuring and content movement.
  • Exclude deleted remote branches from the branch analyses.
  • Fix a temporal coupling rendering bug on Firefox.
  • First repository added to the project defines the history length.
  • Use better labels for the coordination needs analysis.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.




Get your license for CodeScene here.