We’re proud to announce our 2.4 release of the CodeScene on-premise version!


CodeScene 2.4 comes with a major new feature: code biomarkers, which act like a virtual code reviewer of your hotspots. We have also added a new API that lets you push analysis notifications to your Slack channels.




New Features


  • Code Biomarkers: The code biomarkers act like a virtual code reviewer that looks for patterns that might indicate problems. Read more about the biomarkers feature here.



Code Biomarkers shows the status of your hotspots at a glance.


  • Slack Integration: Push early warnings from an analysis on a Slack channel.

  • Add X-Ray for PL/SQL: This lets you uncover technical debt and expensive change coupling in Oracle SQL code. See our blog for more details.



X-Ray a cluster of co-changing files.


  • Support Visual Diff for External Temporal Coupling: The external temporal coupling now included a compare button that lets you detect similarities across clusters of files.






  • Re-arrange the early warnings into a single tile on the dashboard.
  • Correction in the Kotlin X-Ray to handle expression bodies correctly.
  • Allow X-Ray of files that contain reserved characters in their file name.
  • Warn when CodeScene is accessed via unsupported browsers, e.g. IE.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.




Get your license for CodeScene here.