We’re proud to announce our 2.7 release of the CodeScene on-premise version!


CodeScene 2.7 introduces a Defect Density view where hotspots are correlated to defects. We also expand the Code Biomarkers to more programming languages, and introduce an improved algorithm for the biomarker candidate selection.




New Features


  • Defect Density of Hotspots: CodeScene’s Defect Density view shows the distribution of bug fixes, which lets you correlate defects with hotspots. This lets you use defects to predict the costs of any sub-optimal code you might find in the hotspots.



Correlate prioritized hotspots with the distribution of defects in the codebase.


  • Defect and Bug Fix Trends: Inspect the distribution defects for a hotspot over time:



The distribution of bug fixes over the past year.


  • Expanded Code Biomarkers: The code biomarkers act like a virtual code reviewer that looks for patterns that might indicate problems. This version of CodeScene adds support for the following languages:
    • Ruby
    • IBM Rational Software Architect, UML models with embedded code.



Get a virtual code review of UML models.


  • Provide more details in the risk calulcation in a delta analysis: CodeScene now includes a description field in its delta analysis of commits and pull requests. That field is a machine interpretation of why CodeScene scored a particular risk.



A human readable interpretation of the risk classification, here in Jenkins.






  • Remove the deprecated Refactoring Targets view. This one is now replaced by the Code Biomarkers view.
  • Use the temporal coupling filters in the temporal coupling X-Ray too
  • Consistent biomarker candidates in repeated analyses.
  • Handle failures in house-keeping more gracefully.
  • Introduce an option that does not fail the delta analysis if the CodeScene analysis times out.
  • Support float values for costs in the Jira plugin.
  • Performance optimization of the PHP X-Ray for massive files.
  • Fix the UI glitch in the off-boarding simulator.
  • JIRA plugin: allow user to configure rest-api-path
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.




Get your license for CodeScene here.