We’re pleased to announce that there’s a new version of the CodeScene Enterprise Edition available.




New Features


Version 1.2 of CodeScene Enterprise comes with the following new features:


  • Support Retrospectives: You now have the possibility of running an analysis tailored to a Retrospective. You trigger a Retrospective in the Overview section of your analysis configuration where you’ll find a separate button for Retrospectives. Please see the blog post The Happy Marriage of Retrospectives and Software Evolution for a usage example.

  • Developer contribution statistics: The Author Statistics now include the contribution time, in months, for each developer. We use that information to reason about the median contribution time for a developer on the project. For example, a low median contribution time may indicate a high turn-around of developers.

  • Knowledge Loss calculated in Months of Experience: Summarize the months of experience lost due to developers leaving the organization. This data is based on the data from the Author Statistics discussed above.

  • Auto-detect possible ex-developers: In large organizations we sometimes fail to remember when/if a developer leaves the project. CodeScene now auto-detects non-contributing programmers, that is, developers who haven’t made a commit in a specified time (defaults to 6 months). The result is presented as part of the Social Metrics and is configurable.

  • Import organizational information on developers and teams: Instead of manually defining all teams, upload a CSV file that specifies your organization. The CSV file must have two columns: author and team. The Developer and Teams guide in the Help section contains more details.






  • Version info page: The version page is available at and contains detailed information about the release content. Please include that information in any error reports.

  • Optimized the hotspot visualization to scale better on large codebases.

  • Simplified the configuration and setup of new analysis projects. The configuration of an analysis project is now split into multiple sections that makes it easier to navigate and get an overview of the available options.

  • Added a new role, Technical, that doesn’t have access to any social metrics that may be sensitive to share.

  • A better color scheme for the Code Age analysis results.

  • Filter away excluded file types from the visualizations to reduce noise.