We’re pleased to announce that there’s a new version of the CodeScene Enterprise Edition available.


This new version introduces two new major features: integration with Jira for cost analyses and our X-Ray technology that gives you deep insights into your codebase. We’re really excited about these new features and hope you’ll find them as useful as we do.




New Features


  • X-Ray that gives you deep insights into your code. In short, X-Ray lets you see what happens inside a Hotspot or a Temporal Coupling cluster. X-Ray runs the analyses on a method/function level. You typically use X-Ray on your Hotspots to break down potential problems and detect Hotspots on a method level. Similarly you use X-Ray to examine which methods/functions that are responsible for the temporal coupling between different files. X-Ray also includes software clone detection, aka copy-paste detection.

  • Project Management Analyses based on Jira data. Our new project management metrics let you measure where you spend your costs and inspect both cost and activity trends. These analyses require additional data from a project management tool. We currently support Jira and provide a service to retrieve the Jira data and integrate with the CodeScene tool. Our Jira service is open source.

  • Auto-import repositories from disk when creating a new analysis configuration.

  • Support for React file types like JSX files.

  • More our of the box exclusion filters (e.g. C++ projects).






  • Better interactivity in the Code Age map.

  • Better validation of the exclude content patterns.

  • The prioritized Hotspots visualization has been re-designed to convey the most important information on one page.

  • We no longer shrink text but rather wrap long lines. The most visible example is in the Hotspots tile on the dashboard.

  • Present a clear link between temporal couplings in the detailed table view.

  • Minor bug fixes.




Contact us to get your license to CodeScene Enterprise here.