We’re pleased to announce that CodeScene is included in the GitHub Teacher Toolbox


When combined with our previous inclusion in the GitHub Student Developer Pack, this means that all teachers and their students get free access to CodeScene.



CodeScene puts technical metrics into a business context and visualizes what the codebase looks like.




CodeScene for Teachers


CodeScene has always supported teachers and academia, and we already have several universities and colleagues using CodeScene as part of their education on modern software engineering. Our GitHub Teacher Toolbox partnership formalizes this offer.


With a CodeScene account, teachers get free access to otherwise paid CodeScene features. The teacher account also includes free support for analyzing private GitHub repositories.


Since we also offer free student accounts, a course can now utilize CodeScene’s powerful quality visualizations for both teachers and students.



CodeScene in action: within minutes, the analyses let you build a mental model of a previously unfamiliar codebase.




Sign-Up for CodeScene via GitHub Education


Teachers sign up for a free CodeScene account here.


Students who wish to use CodeScene on their private projects can sign up for a free account. Note that you need to be registered as a verified student at GitHub.


Not a student? No problem – CodeScene is available for free for open source projects too, and its paid plans make CodeScene available for private projects as well. Check out our options or read more about CodeScene’s business cases.