CodeScene Health Check and Technical DD

Technical Health Check
A Technical Debt Analysis of your Codebase

A Health Check is the perfect service for any software organization that wants to have an independent assessment of their code quality, monitor their outsourcing initiatives, or investors looking to perform a technical due diligence.

An Easy-to-Understand Assessment
Detect Excess Maintenance Costs and Delivery Risks.

Our Health Check service offers an easy-to-understand assessment of the code quality and the level of technical debt in your codebase.

Your codebase is baselined on a number of metrics that are known to impact quality, maintenance costs, and future product development. We include a high-level summary as well as a detailed breakdown and rationale for each score.

Proven Track Record.
A Health Check is for Organizations of all sizes.

We have delivered Health Checks to companies ranging from small startups to multi-national corporations with hundreds of developers. Our clients are from industries as diverse as Finance, MedTech, Health Care, Automobile, and TeleCom – anywhere quality software is the key to business success, the Empear Health Check will give you the tools for making data-driven management decisions.

Health Check Quote Request and Questions

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