Technical Health Check
A Technical Debt Analysis of your Codebase

A Health Check is the perfect service for any software organization that wants to have an independent assessment of their code quality, monitor their outsourcing initiatives, or investors looking to perform a technical due diligence.

An Easy-to-Understand Assessment
Detect Excess Maintenance Costs and Delivery Risks.

Our Health Check service offers an easy-to-understand assessment of the code quality and the level of technical debt in your codebase.

Your codebase is baselined on a number of metrics that are known to impact quality, maintenance costs, and future product development. We include a high-level summary as well as a detailed breakdown and rationale for each score.

Written Report
Specific and Prioritized Findings.

The Health Check is delivered in a written report, 10-15 pages depending on the scale of your codebase. The Health Check analysis is performed by our team of world-class software and QA experts using the state of the art CodeScene tool for relevant metrics that are accessible to non-technical stakeholders as well.

To make it actionable, we also offer a prioritized list of the most important findings. We also include cost estimates for any recommended rework.

Proven Track Record.
A Health Check is for Organizations of all sizes.

We have delivered Health Checks to companies ranging from small startups to multi-national corporations with hundreds of developers. Our clients are from industries as diverse as Finance, MedTech, Health Care, Automobile, and TeleCom – anywhere quality software is the key to business success, the Empear Health Check will give you the tools for making data-driven management decisions.

Manage Technical Debt
Combining Technical and Organizational Insights

In the early summer of 2019, I discovered my company had a technical debt problem and started to figure out how to solve it by first purchasing Adam's book, Your Code as a Crime Scene. I reached out to Adam after reading his book and engaged Empear's services. The technical debt report Empear put together using their CodeScene software was incredibly thoughtful and enlightening. Our development team was a bit shocked at what they saw from the visible hotspot report even though they knew deep down it existed. The visual hotspot report allowed us to drill down in the areas we needed to refactor. Empear’s report card on our code was also very helpful in rating our developer's work. As Adam told our dev team, code is invisible...yet Empear's findings are anything but. I highly recommend any company especially with a long history of technology development to use Empear's software to forensically inspect the quality and underlying complexity of your code.

**Bill Roy, Founder and CEO of LendGenuity**

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