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CodeScene is looking for a well rounded Account Executive.

If you are smart, curious, driven to learn, and you understand and love using technology in your professional and personal life this might be the job for you.
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We are pleased to inform you that we have moved our online presence and shifted from to This is a step in our efforts to create a better online experience as well as making it easier for our customers and clients to find us.

Also our email addresses will change in the coming weeks, but nothing else that could affect you as a user.

Links to will be redirected to If you find a link that does not work, please let us know. With these changes we aim to strengthen our brand identity.

And you can always reach us on Twitter and LinkedIn or watch videos on our Youtube channel.

Workshops and training

Meet Empear and our founder Adam Tornhill, or join one of his public workshops at the following events in 2019.

You can of course also book your own high-paced one-day workshop, at your site, where we mix theory with practical hands-on exercises lead by our CodeScene expert Adam Tornhill. Contact us for a quote and more info.

Upcoming events

CodeScene 3.0: Behavioral Code Analysis Reborn

25 March 2019

We're proud to announce a new major release of CodeScene, version 3.0!

CodeScene 3.0 is a complete re-design in order to make the analysis data easily actionable, fit into your existing workflows, and to adapt the analysis information to different stakeholders.

The main features include auto-generated PDF reports that you can subscribe to, a new Code Health score for your hotspots, architectural-level metrics that let you analyse whole software architectures including microservices, and quality gates for CI/CD build pipelines.

CodeScene is added to GitHub Marketplace

12 February 2019

We're proud to announce that is now available on GitHub Marketplace!

If you’re a lead developer, technical manager, or just need to identify and prioritize your technical debt at an actionable level, then check out CodeScene SaaS

Empear grows -- Welcome Kalle and Christian!

11 January 2019

A warm welcome to our new colleagues, Kalle Norrestam and Christian Kvist who joined Empear this month!

Christian Kvist will be responsible for business development at Empear. Christian has a background as CEO and Head of Sales and Marketing in the finance industry. Christian has also been chairman of the board at Empear since 2016.

Kalle Norrestam will join the development team and start work on the future of CodeScene. Kalle will also work with our services, such as our code and collaboration analysis, our monthly technical debt monitoring services, and the technical due dilligences that we perform.

CodeScene 2.8 released

3 January 2019

We're proud to announce our 2.8 release of CodeScene on-premise!

CodeScene 2.8 introduces the concept of augmented analysis, which lets you add contextual information to the analysis data as intelligent notes. This is a new type of code analysis that provides a framework for managing technical debt. We have also improved and expanded the virtual code review to include social and temporal data.

Beyond Conway’s Law: Meet the Social Side of Your Code

1 December 2018

Watch Adam Tornhill's talk from Øredev 2018 on the social side of our code. This talk takes a behavioral view of version-control data combined with insights from social psychology to measure aspects of software development that we haven't been able to capture before. You learn how this information lets you detect modules with excess coordination needs, measure how well your architecture supports your organization, suggest and guide refactorings, as well as why Conway's law is an oversimplification.

Empear celebrates its 3 years anniversary

16 October 2018

Empear, the product company behind CodeScene, celebrates its 3 years anniversary this month. Empear is a bootstrapped startup so this is a significant milestone as roughly 30% of all startups fail in their first years. It all started in a basement -- literally -- as we decided to build a professional product around the ideas in Adam's previous book, Your Code As A Crime Scene.

Read the full story from book to startup on our blog.

Empear scores gold!

28 September 2018

Just last week we got a beautiful certificate from UC! UC is Sweden's leading institute for credit ratings, and Empear lands in the highest category with its gold rating. This is definitely a sign that we are doing something right. Not bad for a bootstrapped startup, if we say so ourselves!