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Maarten M.

CodeScene prioritises the biggest bottlenecks in our projects. It finds the code improvements that give the biggest improvement in the development and maintenance of our codebases.

We use CodeScene to improve the structure of our code and sometimes even the structure of our teams. We use it as a guide for work conversations and code / project reviews and to assess (external) codebases. The super easy setup, leading to detailed insights, led to explosive growth of the service within our company.

We didn’t have to put a lot of effort into the adoption; CodeScene sells itself.

DFDS - Freight Shipping / Logistics Solutions / Passenger Ferries

Martin Buundgard

In 2018, with the goal of maintaining a high-performing development team while restructuring a monolith codebase, DFDS set out to get teams and microservices organized around their business capabilities.

Read the Case study and learn how DFDS is working to achieve their goals.


Markus Borg

“When both supervisors and students rest their eyes on the same visualizations, it is easier to guide discussions around the source code repository. I find that the importance of source code visualization in teaching has been amplified during all the screen-sharing sessions we’ve had throughout the pandemic.“

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Daniel Asvelius

“Without CodeScene it would take substantially more manpower to get the same level of insights into the data. It would also be harder to identify unknown risks since humans tend to focus on the risks they are already aware of, not the ones they are not aware of. All together I believe that CodeScene contributes with better insights, at a lower cost, compared to manual processes.“

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Emin Iandyrhanov

[The analysis results are] just amazing, what can I say more. I’m pretty sure you already received a lot of feedback about how powerful the generated information is and it’s not an exception in our case. At first, people couldn’t believe what they saw and were blown away after they did.

AnSyMo, University of Antwerp

Henrique Rocha

An existing software can be very complex, understanding the software architecture and infrastructure well enough to contribute with changes can be very challenging.

Read the interview and learn How a master-level Software Reengineering course uses CodeScene.


Maria Dahrieh
Managing Partner & Founder

The CodeScene team provided our clients being International investors and startups with excellence, coherent, and detailed technical diligence. We, therefore, chose to allies with CodeScene using their value add services in vetting the professional due diligence of the startups during our investment readiness phase. I highly recommend startups to do their homework preparation as early as possible to validate their IP, and their overall code health during their expansion phase before reaching out to investors.

Thoughtworks Pan Africa

Aslam Khan
Managing Director

The research and ideas of Adam Tornhill and its embodiment in the CodeScene toolset has got to be the most significant contribution in the last 10 years to how we understand the evolution of code. The intersection of social behaviour with architecture reflected in lines of code changing over time speaks directly to the economics of software development in a manner that is accessible to developers and executive decision makers.


Bill Roy
Founder and CEO of LendGenuity, a subsidiary of BlockGen Corp.

The technical debt report Empear put together using their CodeScene software was incredibly thoughtful and enlightening. The visual hotspot report allowed us to drill down in the areas we needed to refactor. Empear’s report card on our code was also very helpful in rating our developer’s work. I highly recommend any company especially with a long history of technology development to use Empear’s software to forensically inspect the quality and underlying complexity of your code.


Mathias P.
Delivery Manager & Partner

I really like the Delivery Performance functionalities that allow me to rapidly visualize and act on the most important metrics such as Lead Time for Changes or Planned vs Unplanned work. This insight and the possibility to quickly identify areas in our code with highest technical debt and complexity, areas that leads to quality issues, is a killer feature.

Diebold Nixdorf

Peter Caron
Head of Global Quality Assurance

At Diebold Nixdorf, we applied the analysis to several products with thousands of files and millions of lines of code. We were immediately able to identify areas which needed immediate attention and de-prioritise those areas where the risks were lower. Not only did this save many hours of work but it also provided data which both confirmed what we already knew and provided us information on areas that were less understood or appreciated as potentially high risks. CodeScene distinguishes itself from other products because it presents a clear picture of your code in the context of developer behaviour. This key feature allows teams to focus on effective improvements and break up the enormous challenge of refactoring a large code base into small, actionable chunks. The impossible becomes possible.


Will Ellis
VP Engineering, SoundCloud Ltd

“CodeScene offers insight to our software teams that they could never have had before. I particularly love how the analyses aren’t there just because they’re possible or interesting, but because they can guide great decision-making.”

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