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Meet Adam Tornhill, the founder of Empear, to see why we need to go beyond code to truly understand large-scale software systems

From book to startup.

CodeScene by Empear is a Swedish startup that develops the CodeScene code analysis tool. It all started in 2015 when Adam Tornhill published his ground-breaking book, Your Code As A Crime Scene. This book marked the beginning of a radically new approach to software analysis focused on the evolution of a codebase over time, which makes it possible to prioritize technical debt based on the likely business impact.

The book had a significant influence and since then Adam has presented his ideas in conferences around the world. In a short time, the concept of the "hotspot", borrowed from the field of forensic psychology, has become a standard term in the software industry.

Fully exploring these ideas, however, required code analysis tools that did not yet exist. So CodeScene, a new code analysis tool, was born; a powerful and predictive analytics tool that gives software stakeholders a new vision of their software projects with specific and actionable information that enables software organizations to increase their delivery efficiency.

CodeScene today is used by companies around the world, and independent studies have confirmed that CodeScene is the best tool for managing technical debt. CodeScene remains a fast-moving technology on the cutting edge of software analytics.

The CodeScene Advisory Board.

Industry Leaders.

The CodeScene advisory board is made up of four industry leaders who have each had a major impact on the field.

Portrait of Aslam Khan

Aslam Khan

Aslam Khan has over two decades of software design and architecture behind him, leveraging his background in Electronic Engineering. He is a regular speaker at local and international conferences on software development and agile methodologies, and author of Grokking Functional Programming.
Portrait of Daniel Terhorst-North

Daniel Terhorst-North

Daniel Terhorst-North is a technology and organisational change specialist who has been coaching, coding and consulting for over 30 years. He helps business leaders, managers and software teams to deliver quickly, successfully and sustainably. Daniel is the originator of Behaviour-Driven Development.
Portrait of Peter Caron

Peter Caron

Peter Caron is a senior and executive level operations and development leader, who brings more than 20 years of expertise in development and operations as well as leading digital transformations in a variety of companies. Peter has experience in many domains and businesses, and leads digital transformation efforts as part of operations, CI/CD and development, quality assurance, release automation and orchestration, and DevOps/SRE groups.
Portrait of Michael Feathers

Michael Feathers

Michael Feathers is the founder and Director of R7K Research & Conveyance, a company specializing in software and organization design. Michael is also the author of the book Working Effectively with Legacy Code (Prentice Hall, 2004).

CodeScene clients

SaaS and On-Prem.

The two faces of CodeScene.

CodeScene is available both as a hosted SaaS solution and as an on-prem version for organizations that prefer to keep their code in-house.

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