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Love what you do

We're an enthusiastic group of problem-solvers committed to helping companies solve organizational and engineering challenges. Above all, we’re committed to code quality

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Our Story

Why CodeScene?

01. Commitment to code

Code is our passion and the core of our existence. With the growing dependency on software, it is our duty to protect the quality of code

02. Dare to disrupt

Our forward-looking culture encourages new ideas and thinking big. We enforce the idea that everything is possible and failure is acceptable

03. Stay curious

At CodeScene, learning is a natural process. Digging deep beneath the surface and taking a real interest in the problem at hand leads to solutions

04. Team delivery & diversity

At CodeScene we deliver as a team. Every milestone crossed is a united effort and our diverse backgrounds help shape a strong team

Open positions

There are currently no open positions. Check back soon! 

Can't find the perfect position?

If you're a techy specialist with a strong desire to change the status quo, we want to hear from you