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Development speed doesn't have to cost you quality

CodeScene's tools for software delivery metrics ensure complete oversight of your developer output. Understand how your team performance is impacted by factors like unplanned work and organizational trends so you can make more informed decisions about architecture, team structure, and technical debt.

Developers can deploy faster without sacrificing code quality.

Software Delivery dashboard

CodeScene's core features for software delivery

How much do you deviate from the roadmap

Planned vs unplanned work

Your team's ability to deliver predictably is directly caused by the amount of unplanned work that comes up during development. By configuring your product lifecycle tools such as Jira in CodeScene, you can see just how much planned vs unplanned work your team is dealing with, even down to the architectural and file level.

Website Unplanned Work Costs Visualization
branch analysis

Improve delivery predictability 

Branch analysis

Continuous integration / delivery requires short lived branches. With CodeScene, measure branching activity, different lead times, and risks. Gain insights into your CI/CD process, and better understand delivery and development risks.


Branch analysis

Our Conway's Law visualizations show you how aligned your dev teams are with your system architecture. View primary authors, knowledge risks, technical sprawl, and more. Understand the level of your team cohesion by visualizing whether members work on the same parts of the system

branch analysis

Evaluate team performance

Pull request statistics

Understand developer performance as it relates to continuous software delivery. When engineering teams configure CodeScene's pull request integration, you see how developers respond to quality gates and automated recommendations in their daily workflow, while also aggregating data for improved code quality insights.

Software delivery

More great features


Measure delivery effectiveness

Measure development throughput in the context of organizational trends based on Brook's Law.


See aggregate author statistics

Get an overview of developer output with contribution statistics and patterns per author.

Unplanned Work

Predict delivery risks

See if ongoing work has potential delivery risks and if releases are overdue.


View release trends

Get an understanding of your software delivery trends for important metrics like average development time.


See our behavioral code analysis features in action

Code familiarity, knowledge islands, conway's law and more. See how developer team metrics impact your code quality and can lead to potential risks


We have proof: speed versus quality is a myth

Still believe that to ship code fast, you have to sacrifice code quality? We say not on our watch.

Ready to improve your software delivery?

Talk to an expert today to learn more about how CodeScene uses better insights to help engineering teams level up delivery output while improving overall quality.


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6X improvement over SonarQube - Raising the Maintainability bar

6X improvement over SonarQube - Raising the Maintainability bar

CodeScene surpasses SonarQube by 6 times on the public software maintainability dataset, scoring 83% vs. SonarQube's 13.3% using F-score.