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Published at June 07, 2024
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CodeScene is a proud partner of Lund University and Vinnova's NextG2Com Competence Center

The NextG2Com center at Lund University, part of Vinnova's Advanced Digitalization Program, is now up and running. CodeScene is a proud partner of this important initiative.

The new competence center on Next Generation Communication and Computing Infrastructures and Applications (NextG2Com) is up and running at The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University - a part of Vinnona's  program for Advanced Digitalization. CodeScene is a proud partner of this program together with universities, companies and public actors in
close collaboration to conduct world-class research in areas that are important for Sweden's competitiveness.


Leading Next Generation Communication and Computational Infrastructures

The center's vision is to lead in designing next-generation communication and computational infrastructures and applications, nationally and internationally. We will focus on the synergy between infrastructure and applications, driven by machine learning (ML) advancements.

Through industry-academia collaboration, we aim to advance infrastructure technologies, share knowledge via proof-of-concepts and demonstrators, and enhance education at all levels.

CodeScene's Principal Researcher, Dr. Markus Borg, is co-leading the center's project on Software Platforms and Continuous Engineering.

He says, "Sweden's innovation agency, Vinnova, supports competence centers as a strategic, long-term investment in sustained research. With a commitment that spans ten years – an exceptionally long period in the realm of research funding – we are thrilled to collaborate within this stable platform alongside amazing partners. NextG2Com is an outstanding foundation for impactful innovation and world-class research!"



          From the left: Adam Tornhill, Founder and CTO of CodeScene, Dr. Markus Borg, Principal Researcher at CodeScene, and Oliver Strömberg, Account Manager at CodeScene, attended the kick-off meeting of the competence center. 


Research Themes within NextG2Com - Moving the Limits of Innovation

The six different themes will involve several PhD students from LU, industry, and the public sector, along with senior researchers. The PhD students will focus on specific topics within the theme but will collaborate on joint papers and demonstrators. Additionally, there will be other shared theme activities.



Research within Software Platforms and Continuous Engineering 

In Theme 5, co-led by Dr. Markus Borg, we are collaborating with external partners such as Volvo Cars, Bosch, Sony, RemotiveLabs, and Sensative to address challenges in developing next-generation software platforms and continuous engineering processes. The theme focuses on three key areas:

  • Tool Development: We're working on enhancing tools to support the evolution and quality assurance of software-intensive systems, making these processes more efficient and reliable.
  • Architectural Frameworks: The theme also seeks to define both specific and general architectures for building robust and scalable software platforms.
  • Integration in the DevOps context: By integrating these tools and platforms into existing DevOps practices, we aim to make workflows more data- and evidence-driven, which should lead to better decision-making processes.

Based on the partners involved in the project, Theme 5 places a particular emphasis on the domains of automotive, robotics, and IoT. The theme will explore how programming, code reviews, and testing can all align with high safety and security standards while supporting rapid development cycles.



The partners from academia, industry and the public sector


Research implementation in practice 

PhD students within research groups are paired with senior researchers to advance the research. LU provides research infrastructures and technical support as part of its in-kind contribution, as well as the partners. Read more about the competence center and reach out to us if you have any questions or want to know more. 

We're currently seeking a PhD student to advance AI-driven code refactoring together with us at CodeScene. Application deadline August 16, 2024.


CodeScene Team

CodeScene Team

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CodeScene is a proud partner of Lund University and Vinnova's NextG2Com Competence Center

CodeScene is a proud partner of Lund University and Vinnova's NextG2Com...

The NextG2Com center at Lund University, part of Vinnova's Advanced Digitalization Program, is now up and running. CodeScene is a proud par...

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