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Dr. Markus Borg brings two decades’ worth of research experience in software engineering and artificial intelligence to the company. CodeScene continues on its industry-leading path to transform the way all stakeholders in software development think about code.


As a disruptor in the field of Software Engineering Intelligence, the company's latest recruit adds tremendous value to that position. Markus Borg has joined CodeScene as Principal Researcher, effective 1 November, 2022. In this new role Markus Borg will be responsible for leading evidence-based research related to software analytics and technical debt.



“Adam introduced me to CodeScene in 2017 as we collaborated on the large European research project TESTOMAT. I’ve been very impressed by the evolution of CodeScene since then. Both the team and the product shine. I couldn’t be more excited to help accelerate CodeScene’s research efforts while maintaining tight connections with academia. I passionately believe we can make a software engineering difference.”


Markus Borg 



Beauty in Code - Dr. Markus Borg_3-50percent-1

Markus Borg, Beauty in code, 2020



“CodeScene has always been at the leading edge of software analysis, and we’re already a global company. But there’s so much more we can do. Our goal is to help people succeed with their software projects. That requires constant research, and Markus is a perfect fit for CodeScene to help us all make better software.”


– Adam Tornhill, Founder and CTO of CodeScene 



Highly respected researcher 


Markus Borg is a highly respected researcher at the intersection of software engineering and applied artificial intelligence with more than 70 peer-reviewed publications. With expertise in empirical research and software quality assurance, his primary research interests concern using machine learning to help development projects steer toward successful software systems.


Markus is a department editor of the magazine IEEE Software and he serves on the editorial board of Empirical Software Engineering. He also has a part-time position as an adjunct lecturer at the department of Computer Science, Lund University.



He leaves the state-owned RISE Research Institutes of Sweden after seven years, looking back at several successful projects as principal investigator and senior researcher. At RISE, Markus has worked with several industry and government organizations in domains including automotive, automation, avionics, telecommunications, and IT, helping them adopt efficient and effective software engineering solutions from the research front.



Welcome aboard Markus, we are so happy to have you!