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Techarenan names CodeScene as a Nordic rising star

Techarenan Challenge aims to promote the top 50 startup and growth companies in the Nordic region. Techarenan nominates CodeScene as a Nordic rising star.

Techarenan names CodeScene as a Nordic rising star

Global upstart solving a 3 trillion dollar problem.

CodeScene identifies, visualizes and solves a host of software development problems. One of CodeScene’s most critical characteristics is its ability to reduce technical debt, which is currently a 3 trillion dollar problem globally.

Based on powerful algorithms and machine learning, CodeScene prioritizes technical debt and identifies code quality issues based on how organizations actually work with the code. It presents relevant, actionable information which can be directly turned into business value During 2020, two independent North American universities recognized CodeScene as the world’s leading platform for identifying technical debt. In the same year, CodeScene also successfully registered a patent in the US.

Since the start in 2015, CodeScene has rapidly developed an international client base, and currently has customers in 26 countries across many different industries. At present, CodeScene generates over 40% of its ARR (Annualized Recurring Revenue) from US customers, including several Fortune 100 firms. CodeScene has also experienced viral adoption at grassroots level within the developer community. This trend seems set to continue.


CodeScene – a company with a clear mission

Based on its international success so far, CodeScene’s strategy is clearly working. CodeScene is available to customers as a SaaS subscription, allowing them to instantly realize business value. The company plans to expand its sales and marketing footprint geographically, starting with the US after the summer. We will continue to scale up our marketing activities until our vision is known to all:

"Our vision is to give code an intelligent voice."


Techarenan nominates CodeScene as a Nordic rising star

Techarenan har arranged its annual ”Techarenan Challenge” since 2014 aimed at promoting the top 50 startup and growth companies in the Nordic region. In previous years, several well known companies have been nominated, which have since gone on to international success. For a company to be nominated, it needs a unique innovation or business idea combined with global commercial potential. Key selection variables are market growth potential, uniqueness and scalability. Techarenan has judged that CodeScene fulfills all these criteria. The company has thereby won a ticket to the final in Stockholm later this year.

From the left: Adam Tornhill (CTO & Founder), Hamdija Jusufagic (CEO & Co-founder) and Christian Kvist (COO & Co-founder)

Hamdija Jusufagic (CEO & Co-founder)

”To be nominated as part of Techarenans competition is a great honour for us, and at the same it is confirmation that we are running a business that makes a real difference. Not only on a local level, but also globally.”


Adam Tornhill (CTO & Founder)

“CodeScene helps software development projects succeed by clearly and concisely identifying risks and quality issues. However our greatest contribution to the IT industry is that we are able to visualize software quality for all involed, even non-technical stakeholders. This enables the right decisions to be taken in each and every case. . This nomination really means a lot to us – we solve a growing problem and are delighted at the acknowledgement.”


About CodeScene

CodeScene is a SaaS platform that provides companies with valuable, actionable insights. These insights are visualized and prioritized in such a way that the user can always focus on the change and maintenance work that will have the biggest impact.

CodeScene solves the problem of technical debt by delivering innovative visual insights based on patented machine-learning algorithms. CodeScene’s platform is completely automated. Within a matter of minutes, the problems within a customer’s code base are identified and prioritized. By acting on the insights that CodeScene provides, customers can significantly reduce delivery risks and unnecessary extra work in their IT projects. In this way developer time and resource is freed up, for innovation and higher value activities. This also supports shorter time to market, which is directly correlated with business value.

CodeScene has been recognized internationally by two independent North American universities who named CodeScene as the best tool for managing technical debt. CodeScene has an international customer base and is used by companies such as Philips, Sky, SoundCloud, Tencent and DFDS. You can find out more about how companies solve their development challenges with CodeScene at


For more information, please contact us at

CodeScene Team

CodeScene Team

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