The Swedish king, Carl XVI Gustaf, visited our office to see a demo of the CodeScene tool.


Sweden is known for its flourishing deep tech startups, and Carl XVI Gustaf took the opportunity to meet the startup entrepreneurs. The king was accompanied by some well-known Swedish business persons, who also noticed CodeScene’s potential; for the first time, a non-technical stakeholder can get insights into something as deeply technical as source code.



Adam Tornhill (sitting) demonstrates CodeScene for the Swedish king Carl XVI Gustaf (standing, second from the left).




About CodeScene


CodeScene is a quality visualization tool for software. CodeScene is used to prioritize technical debt, predict delivery risks, and measure organizational aspects. It’s a fully automated tool that serves the whole engineering organization.


CodeScene has its roots in 2015 when Adam Tornhill published his ground-breaking book, Your Code As A Crime Scene. This book marked the beginning of a new approach to software analysis focused on the evolution of a codebase over time, which makes it possible to prioritize technical debt based on the actual business impact.


CodeScene today is used by companies around the world, and independent studies have confirmed that CodeScene is the best tool for managing technical debt. CodeScene remains a fast-moving technology on the cutting edge of software analytics.


Read more about CodeScene here.