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CodeScene is a quality visualization tool for software. Prioritize technical debt, detect delivery risks, and measure organizational aspects. Fully automated.

Developers get actionable insights. Automatically.

CodeScene prioritizes code quality issues based on trends in how the system evolves. Integrate CodeScene into your CI/CD pipeline and Pull Requests to get early warnings on code health issues.

Technical leaders can build effective teams and lead development. Proudly.

CodeScene detects code health issues prioritized by business impact. CodeScene also visualizes the knowledge distribution, detects coupling between teams, and identifies knowledge gaps in your codebase. This information guides you towards effective teams and situational awareness of any technical debt.

Managers can calculate, visualize, and communicate the business costs of technical debt

CodeScene bridges the gap between Tech and Business. It gives management teams and stakeholders the ability to see the development costs in the context of the system as well as the overall delivery performance. Through a customized Dashboard you follow graphs and trends. In realtime. CodeScene's automated reports lets you manage technical debt and hidden risks today and what direction your business needs to go tomorrow.

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