Our Software: Three pricing models to fit your needs


Hosted SaaS application. Get started with a single click. Connects directly to GitHub.
from 99€*
  • Get started quickly with out-of-the-box GitHub integration
  • Works with all major programming languages
  • Source code is stored securely and deleted afterwards
*excl. VAT


Premium CodeScene with full feature set. Reporting, quality gates, real-time dashboards
  • Host CodeScene in your own data center or private cloud
  • Works with all Git repositories, independently of provider
  • Powerful CI/CD quality gates, pull request reviews, and automated reports
* excl. VAT


The Premium CodeScene with a flexible license
  • Training and premium support whenever needed
  • Discounted license fee depending on committment
  • No additional cost as your organization grows

Let us know if we can help. For questions and general inquiries: info@codescene.com

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Health Check

A Health Check is a report on the current state of your codebase.

Where is the most costly technical debt? Which areas require immediate attention? A Health Check is a quick way to get the information you need to make important architectural or management decisions.

*excl. VAT

Project Analyses

Identify and prioritize technical debt. Detect team productivity bottlenecks. Find the most expensive parts of your code.

A project analysis gives you a detailed description of potential risks, the status of your software project, and a set of KPI’s. We identify and prioritise the parts of your system that are expensive to maintain, code at risk for defects, and even detect team productivity bottlenecks.

The analysis results are delivered as a written report as well as an on-site presentation given by our expert analysts. This report lets you reduce your technical debt and improve your organisational efficiency, guided by data and our actionable recommendations. You will get management insight into the progress of the development work

Training and Workshops

Learn how to maximize the potential of what CodeScene can do for you.

In our training sessions and workshops, you will learn to configure CodeScene to adapt it to your project and the analyses you need to do. Then you'll learn how to interpret and act upon the results.

CodeScene training can be adapted to all the stakeholders in your development process, from developers to CTOs.

Project Monitoring

Make sure your software evolves according to plan

Choose our project monitoring service and you will be ensured that your software evolves according to a plan. 

We analyse your project frequently and track your customized KPI’s. You get a written report every month. You decide how many months you want to continue with project monitoring.


All CodeScene customers get email support (a good one) with an answer within one business day. Enterprise customers get additional online support directly from our CodeScene experts.

CodeScene Cloud Features

Out-of-the-box GitHub integration
CodeScene connects directly to your GitHub repository and uses GitHub's security features. Your code is deleted from our servers once the analysis is complete.
Next-generation analytics
CodeScene Cloud customers benefit from all the core CodeScene analysis features: hotspots, code health, architectural and social analyses, change coupling and more.
And features from the On-Premise version are added regularly.
Predictable, flexible pricing plan
Choose the plan that fits your needs, depending on the number of active developers. Change plans whenever your needs evolve.
Learn about CodeScene with the free version
CodeScene Cloud is free for public GitHub repositories. Or take a look at our Showcase to see CodeScene applied to some large, well-known projects.

CodeScene On-Premise Features

The premium CodeScene
CodeScene on-prem includes premium features like automated PDF reports, pull request integrations, and simulations to detect key personnel and off-boarding risks. It's the best tool to prioritize technical improvements and uncover the organizational side of software delivery.
Workflow to manage technical debt
CodeScene on-prem comes with a goal-oriented workflow to lets you manage technical debt by providing contextual information. Together with the CI/CD integration, you avoid surprising technical debt or code quality issues.
Powerful CI/CD quality gates
Integrate CodeScene into a delivery pipeline to enable quality gates for supervising your code health. You can also integrate directly with pull requests to let CodeScene predict delivery risks before they're merged and use that info to optimize code reviews.
Put technical metrics into a business context
CodeScene’s Delivery Performance module focuses on throughput and lead time metrics that are known to correlate with business values like time to market and rework costs.
Put costs on technical debt
CodeScene's cost model can deduce development costs automatically, which lets you reason about the technical and organizational analysis findings from a financial perspective. This lets technical experts and business stakeholders share the same view of the system.