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Use case

Technical debt - identify, measure, reduce

As your organization and your software grow, technical debt is also growing in the background. Unmanaged, it becomes a burden for your teams, your budget and your future.

It doesn't have to be this way.

technical debt in Android_CodeScene

The challenge

Two key problems

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Lack of visibility makes it difficult to address

Stakeholders are more interested in new features and they often lack visibility into the root causes behind expanding development times and budgets.

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Addressing unhealthy code can be overwhelming

Addressing unhealthy code can be overwhelming. Codebases, whether they are "legacy" or not, can be huge. Developer time is limited and expensive.

How we solve the tech debt challenge

Identify and measure technical debt


Visualize technical debt - Analytics to action

Even for very technical people, like architects and senior developers, large parts of a system are like a black box. This is especially true of unhealthy code which is harder and more time-consuming to read and understand.


Identify problematic files - find the needle in the haystack

In minutes, CodeScene can analyze massive projects with millions of lines of code. It then identifies the most problematic files in terms of both code health and developer activity.


CodeScene recognizes files that are slowing down delivery

These hotspots are actively costing development time and slowing down new feature implementation. CodeScene can identify individual functions and methods that are consuming your team's bandwidth.

We need to look beyond the code itself

Technical debt is not just a code problem


Visualize team's code familiarity

New developers working on unfamiliar code will take longer to complete tasks and are more prone to introducing new bugs. Social aspects can have just as much impact as low code health.

Coordination needs

Anticipate problems related to key personnel dependencies

CodeScene's knowledge metrics allow you to anticipate problems related to key personnel dependencies and reduce knowledge risk. The offboarding simulator can help prepare for when developers move on to other companies.

Off-boarding risks

Team structure and code architecture can also create inefficiencies

As companies grow, so do their teams. The architecture that worked with three teams may not be a good fit now that there are eight teams. Mismatch between code and teams can become a friction point. CodeScene's team analytics are a way to make better decisions about organizing your developers and your code.

Reduce and manage technical debt 

With CodeScene, fixing technical debt starts at the precise locations where remediation efforts will bring the most benefit. Reducing your technical debt is no longer a lost cause. With CodeScene’s guidance, it can be a series of quick wins with immediate, positive impacts on your code and on your organization.
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Run code analysis
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Visualize technical debt
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Focus on refactoring targets
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Implement quality gates for all new code

Real cost of technical debt

Why does managing technical debt matter?

Every day, the software industry learns the hard way about the cost of technical debt.
Now, research shows how to quantify that cost.


15x fewer bugs

Problematic code produces significantly more bugs over time.

Dev time

2x faster development time

It also increases costs by slowing development, sometimes by a factor of 2x or more.


9x lower uncertainty

It adds up quickly in terms of developer time, customers who experience bugs, and the opportunity cost of the features that are never built.

A more proactive way of working

Up to 42% of development time is wasted due to technical debt. Change that with healthy code.

With the focus that CodeScene brings, reducing technical debt is no longer a struggle with no end in sight. Instead, CodeScene gives you a roadmap to a series of quick wins with immediate, positive impacts on your code and your organization.

Code Health

Start with codebase of any size

Visualize millions lines of code in seconds. How do you know where the strong and potentially weak parts of your codebase are? Pinpoint code that is both expensive and hard to maintain.

Code Health 1

Automatically identify unhealthy code

CodeScene reviews all code and presents it in an easy to understand overview. However, there's always a trade-off between improving existing code versus adding new features. Hence, priorities are vital.


Focus on high impact findings

Make findings actionable with CodeScene's Hotspots analysis. Get a prioritized list of complicated code that the organization has to work with often. This is your technical debt with high interest.

See how CodeScene prioritizes technical debt


Hotspots Analysis identifies code with high development activity


Any technical debt in this part is likely to have high interest and big impact.


What are our amazing customers saying?


"No tools on the market could help us tackle technical debt in a data driven way - until we came across CodeScene."

Christian Saleki

- CTO, SmartCraft

Bringme 2

“CodeScene makes it very easy to surface technical debt and assists in continuously monitoring your code health. It even gives you clear instructions on fixing code health declines.”

Xavier Greffe

- ScrumMaster, BringMe

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