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Identify, Prioritize and Manage Technical Debt

A codebase under active development is a moving target that’s going to change over time, which makes it difficult to manage technical debt. CodeScene lets you identify, prioritize and manage technical debt by giving you relevant and actionable information that you can turn into business value.

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Quantify the cost of technical debt


CodeScene combines its technical analyses with data from project management software. Reason about the technical and organizational findings from a financial perspective, and ensure your code is evolving in the right direction.

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Prioritize and manage technical debt


Software systems often contain several instances of problematic code that are potentially expensive to maintain. CodeScene prioritizes the parts of the codebase that will bring the biggest and quickest benefits to your organization.

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An easy part of code analysis is finding problematic code. It’s much more difficult to prioritize these findings. Code improvements take time and money, and often include balancing improving existing code with the short-term goals of the product.


CodeScene includes hotspot analysis based on evolutionary patterns and trends. It provides an automated code review that classifies each hotspot according to severity and code health, allowing you to prioritize technical debt ahead of the curve.

Benefits of this feature

Manage technical debt by specifying goals

As large improvement often have to balanced against short-term product goals, CodeScene allows you to specify goals for each hotspot to manage identified technical debt. Your goals are then automatically supervised, and CodeScene provides alerts for any code changes that violate a specified goal.

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Supervise planned goals

The earlier you can react to any potential problems, the better. CodeScene offers integration points that let you incorporate the analysis results into your build pipeline. That way, CodeScene supervises your hotspots with CI/CD quality gates to ensure that all goals are on track and that the code health is maintained.

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More ways to use CodeScene

Improve the Code Health of your Codebase

CodeScene analyzes your existing code and helps you set code health improvement goals. Start with an initial analysis, get actionable and prioritized insights and track progress toward your goals.

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Automate Code Reviews

CodeScene integrates with pull requests to provide feedback and detect code quality issues via an automated code review. This integration helps development teams by serving as a quality gate and early feedback loop.

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Improve Team Efficiency


Go beyond the code and consider the organization and people aspect of the system. With CodeScene, you can gain insight into the information invisible in the source code itself, such as coordination, communication and motivation.

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Detect and correct delivery risks


CodeScene uses a machine learning algorithm that is trained to detect technical risks while weighting in on the social side of code such as the experience of the developer doing the changes.

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Support Development Teams

Many organizations struggle with technical debt and code quality issues. CodeScene was developed to support development teams by providing them with actionable and continuous feedback loop for engineering decisions based on data.

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Understand the intersection of people and code


Adopted as a way of scaling the development organization, microservice architecture brings its own challenges. CodeScene helps you succeed with this high-discipline architecture by monitoring code, dependencies, and team coupling.

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Pay down technical debt.

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