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Sustainable Software Delivery

Carterra - A biotech research company

As the rising technical debt slowed down their ability to deliver product innovations, Carterra framed a no-compromise statement of intent that progressively led them to sustainable software delivery. With the help of CodeScene, they managed to improve their code health by approximately 25% and reduce unplanned work by 82% over 12 months.


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Codebase Restructuring

DFDS - Freight Shipping / Logistics Solutions / Passenger Ferries

In 2018, with the goal of maintaining a high-performing development team while restructuring a monolith codebase, DFDS set out to get teams and microservices organized around their business capabilities.

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Reengineering Software Systems

AnSyMo, University of Antwerp - Interview with Henrique Rocha

See how a master-level Software Reengineering course uses CodeScene.


“CodeScene is the recommended software for two topics, visualization and metrics. CodeScene provides several visualization options that allow the students to have a better overview of the analyzed software. The visualizations also help the students identify possible candidates for refactoring, especially the Technical Debt tab.”


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University 1-1

Meeting KPIs

Interview with Daniel Asvelius, CIO Ework Group

“As a CIO I’m mainly interested in getting an ”unbiased opinion” on how we are doing as an development organization, and an ability to identify potential risks lying ahead. In essence our developers have increased their contribution in the areas of panning and reporting, in addition to coding, after we implemented CodeScene. We set up an internal KPI saying that regardless of the pressure to deliver new features we should not let our code quality drop under 9 out of 10 to avoid building a technical backlog.”

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Identifying Technical Risks

Interview with Peter Caron, SVP Global Engineering at HelloFresh and member of Advisory Board CodeScene


"I do not find technical debt to be a problem in and of itself. However, technical risk is a problem. In the context of CodeScene, the software helps me to identify technical risks while prioritizing in what order actions are needed to mitigate it. Oftentimes technical debt and technical risks are correlating.

For example, we conducted a detailed analysis of our bugs and tried to trace them back to code. What we found was that there was a direct correlation between different code bugs and risks in 2019 and have used this functionality since then with great results."

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Gamification and Visualization

Interview with Markus Borg, AI Researcher


“When both supervisors and students rest their eyes on the same visualizations, it is easier to guide discussions around the source code repository. I find that the importance of source code visualization in teaching has been amplified during all the screen-sharing sessions we’ve had throughout the pandemic.“

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