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Ework Group gets an unbiased opinion on how they are doing as a development organization and identifies potential risks. Interview with Daniel Asvelius, CIO Ework Group

What are the main challenges on today’s distributed software development teams with respect to delivery efficiency?

In my opinion, as a CIO, it is to get everyone working in the same direction when teams are not meeting in person on a weekly basis. When the amount of small talk is heavily reduced, it’s harder to identify misunderstandings in an early stage or to identify where additional clarifications might be needed. People also tend to avoid “nice to know” questions in meetings or to ask someone they never met in person, and when those questions are not asked in the lunchroom either, they tend to stay unanswered. For this reason we work actively with our teams to not only know “what” they should do, but also “why” they should do it. When everyone is aware of the “why” we work better as a team and we see a reduced need for clarifications.

How do you and your teams currently use the CodeScene reports?

Depending on our roles in the teams we use them in different ways. As a CIO I’m mainly interested in getting an ”unbiased opinion” on how we are doing as an development organization, and an ability to identify potential risks lying ahead. I also see that our teams become more and more accurate in estimating tasks and maintaining their backlogs when this data is used for reports which are shared with management – something that makes it easier to plan our work. In essence our developers have increased their contribution in the areas of panning and reporting, in addition to coding, after we implemented CodeScene.

Which is the most important metric you are tracking in the CodeScene reports?

We are looking at lead times, throughput and code quality as some examples. We try to follow a group of KPI’s that has impact on each other to make sure that an increased output does not also come with lower code quality or longer lead times for fixing bugs (as one example). By following KPI’s in this way we can ensure that an increased focus on one area does not mean that we lose focus on other areas.
Daniel Asvelius, CIO Ework Group

Would it be possible to get this data without a tool like CodeScene?

It would, but it would take substantially more manpower to get the same level of insights into the data. It would also be harder to identify unknown risks since humans tend to focus on the risks they are already aware of, not the ones they are not aware of. All together I believe that CodeScene contributes with better insights, at a lower cost, compared to manual processes.

Is there any specific project you could share metrics about? In % if you are prohibited to share actual figures.

For the past years Ework has invested heavily in an online marketplace for services, such as consulting and staffing, called Verama ( Most of our development teams are focused on various parts of the Verama platform and since sales of it has gone better than expected, with multiple global brands already on board, our development teams have high expectations on their output. I know from experience that when the demands for output increases we face risk of lower code quality which was one of the reasons we got in contact with CodeScene in the first place. At that time we set up an internal KPI saying that regardless of the pressure to deliver new features we should not let our code quality drop under 9 out of 10 to avoid building a technical backlog already from start. 3 years later we still keep this KPI and with a short drop to 8 and then back to 9 we have been able to maintain this high code quality throughout the whole project. This is something that I know our developers are very proud of and as a CIO its great to know that we are building on a solid foundation.
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About the company
Ework Group AB is a Swedish company founded in 2000 with operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Poland and Denmark. The company mediates consultants in collaboration with small and medium-sized consulting companies in IT, telecom, technology and business development. Learn more about Ework group
Ework Group uses CodeScene to get an unbiased opinion about how they are doing as a development organization and to identify potential risks lying ahead.

Key Insights were gathered from:

Code Health Lead Times Predictions and Risk Identification

Key Results Achieved:

High code quality throughout the whole project.
Better insights and at lower cost, compared to manual processes
Increased contribution in the areas of planning, reporting and coding

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Daniel Asvelius, CIO Ework Group

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