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CodeScene Integrates with tools you use and Love

CodeScene fits right into your workflow and integrates seamlessly with tools you use every day. Improve team efficiency, reduce technical debt and write better code with guidance from CodeScene.

Visual Studio Code IDE Extension is here! 🎉

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Integrate Costs and Issues into CodeScene.

CodeScene provides an optional integration to Jira, Trello, Azure DevOps, GitHub Issues, GitLab or YouTrack. Measure accumulated costs per hotspot and sub-system. See trends by work type, such as “Planned” versus “Unplanned” work. Reason about the technical and organizational findings from a financial perspective.

  • Checklist Reason about the technical and organizational findings from a financial perspective.
  • Checklist See trends by work type, such as “Planned” versus “Unplanned” work.
  • Checklist Multiple cost models supported depending on the data you have available such as cycle times, story points, or time spent.
  • Checklist Measure accumulated costs per hotspot and sub-system.
GitLab PM
GitLab PM
Integration of costs and issues.
  • checker_alt Cost calculated using cycle times, story points or time spent.
  • checker_alt Visualize cost even if developers don’t report their time.
  • checker_alt Cost trends by file, architecture, and system-level.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What project management/software lifecycle tools does CodeScene integrate with?

CodeScene integrates with Jira, Trello, Azure DevOps, GitHub Issues, GitLab PM and YouTrack.

My organization is using another code analysis tool. How does CodeScene fit?

That's good! In fact, many of our users are already using other code analysis tools. Often, these tools complement the information that CodeScene provides. A traditional static analysis tool serves well to catch common coding mistakes or style violations. It's genuinely useful. However, a static analysis will never be able to tell you if some excess code complexity actually matters –- this is where CodeScene’s behavioral code analysis fills an important gap.

We also find that CodeScene's higher-level information, clear priorities, and intuitive visualizations attract a wide range of stakeholders. As such, CodeScene's sweet spot is that we serve the whole engineering organization, not just developers or managers, but both. This enables you to have a conversation around a deeply technical topic like code with your non-technical stakeholders. It's all about communication and shared situational awareness.

What is the benefit of integrating software lifecycle tools with CodeScene?

This integration lets you visualize and detect defect-dense modules, as well as putting a cost dimension on top of the findings. CodeScene’s cost analyses let you reason about the technical and organizational findings from a financial perspective. For example, how much time do you spend on defects in your top hotspots? What amount of work is unplanned? And what happens over time?


CodeScene Cloud vs On-prem

CodeScene fits every software project. You only need to decide if you want to run CodeScene on your own servers, or run CodeScene as a cloud service. Fully automated.

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