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Looking for Alternatives to SonarQube? 

CodeScene is the next generation code analysis tool. CodeScene doesn't just evaluate code, it looks at the entire git history to understand the evolution of your codebase, how your team works with the code, and understands what is affecting delivery output.  

Get actionable insights and clear priorities for developers and technical managers to improve code quality and maintainability, and reduce technical debt.

Raising the maintainability bar 

Study shows that CodeScene's Code Health Metric is 6 times more accurate than SonarQube

Code Health

Code Health outperformed Sonar’s maintainability rating 

Benchmarking of SonarQube and CodeScene on the public software maintainability dataset shows that CodeScene's Code Health Metric is 6x more accurate, performing at the level of human expert developers. 
Code Health 1

Software maintainability most important metric. Developers need to maintain the code.  

Software maintenance accounts for more than 90% of a software product’s life cycle costs and developers spend 70% of their time on understanding existing code. Only 5% of developer's time is spent on writing new code.

Public benchmarking dataset to compare code quality metrics

For the benchmark study a public software maintainability dataset was used including 1.4 million lines of manually reviewed code to establish a ground truth for code quality. SonarQube and CodeScene were then compared for their code quality metrics on this dataset.

SonarQube alternatives

Why should you choose CodeScene over SonarQube?



Benefit from the industry-leading metrics

CodeScene’s Code Health is the only code-level metric with a proven business impact. That way, you avoid wasting time on issues that aren’t urgent or relevant.



Prioritized issues - You'll never get 5000 warnings 

CodeScene’s findings are prioritized by impact and relevance, and catch design problems at a higher level than SonarQube. With CodeScene, you'll never get 5000 warnings.

Screenshot 2023-11-17 at 11.16.40 (1)

Automated Code Reviews, only merge clean code

CodeScene provides automated code reviews of Pull Requests via a singleclick install, no matter how many different programming languages you use. No customization needed. Personalized Refactoring recommendations.


Better metrics with clear priorities Our automated code reviews and


Visualizes code so that it becomes accessible to the whole team


Our automated code reviews and quality gates make it all actionable

Proactive way of working 

Up to 42% of development time is wasted due to technical debt. Change that with healthy code.

Code Health

Start with a codebase of any size

Visualize millions lines of code in seconds. How do you know where the strong and potentially weak parts of your codebase are? Pinpoint code that is both expensive and hard to maintain.
Code Health 1

Automatically identify unhealthy code

CodeScene reviews all code and presents it in an easy to understand overview. However, there's always a trade-off between improving existing code versus adding new features. Hence, priorities are vital.

Focus on high impact findings

Make findings actionable with CodeScene's Hotspots analysis. Get a prioritized list of complicated code that the organization has to work with often. This is your technical debt with high interest.
There is a better way

CodeScene was created as a reaction to static code analysis tools – 82% false positives isn’t good enough for software


A snapshot of the code is not enough

A static analysis like SonarQube focuses only on a snapshot of the code. Technical debt can never be prioritized from code alone.


CodeScene fills the gap in the market

CodeScene was created as a reaction to these shortcomings because our industry simply lacked a tool that could tackle technical debt and other code quality issues based on impact and relevance. 

Technical debt

The cost of technical debt 

The cost of technical debt is the additional time in development, increased delivery risks, and extra bugs. Not the cost of fixing the code itself. 

Select Findings

Relevance and impact

Unlike SonarQube, CodeScene prioritizes all findings based on impact and relevance. We do this by including additional data sources (Git repositories) together with our industry-leading code level metrics which operate at a higher level than traditional code scanners.

Automated Code Reviews

Static analysis can't do the job

Since static analyses tools like SonarQube only consider the code, not the impact or the consequences,  a static analysis by itself cannot do the job. 


Powerful visualizations

In addition to all expected integrations, CodeScene also delivers powerful visualizations which let you reason about million lines of code at a glance.


Automated code reviews with personalized refactoring recommendations


IDE plugin for real-time code health feedback


Team-specific dashboards for standups and retrospectives

Prioritize technical debt with Hotspots


Prioritize technical debt with surgical precision


Stops degradations of your code quality. Get early warnings. 


CodeScene acts as a quality gate. Only merge healthy code. 


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