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CodeScene integrates with tools you use and love

CodeScene fits right into your workflow and integrates seamlessly with tools you use every day. Improve team efficiency, reduce technical debt and write better code with guidance from CodeScene.

Visual Studio Code IDE Extension is here! 🎉

Monitor your code quality and get instant feedback as you code. Read more

Integrate CodeScene insights anywhere with the

Data is meaningful when it is relevant. Get pure data from CodeScene and deliver it where needed.

  • checker_alt Create custom reports and dashboards.
  • checker_alt See CodeScene insights within any tool you use.
  • checker_alt Programatically create and configure projects.
  • checker_alt Integrate CodeScene into your in-house development process and analytics tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

For product-related support, please visit our Support Hub.

Are REST API supported on both On-Prem and Cloud versions?

REST-API is available to Pro Plan users on both Cloud and On-Prem.

Is custom code required for the REST API integration?

REST API can be used directly from a shell script, we provide some use cases and scripts: See: examples-use-cases-and-scripts in our docs.

REST API implies using http protocol and every modern programming language already have a library for that so another option is to implement a client using your favorite library.

How can my organization use the REST API?

For using the REST API you need an user with role RestApi which can be created by CodeScene admin. See: the-rest-api-user in our docs.

How can my organization automate our workflow with the REST API?

You can automatically create a CodeScene project for example when the project is created in your favorite code repository platform.

You can manage CodeScene users, teams and project developers.

You can fetch analysis data from CodeScene for a particular list of projects or architectural components and integrate them into your reporting system.

Who is the REST API for?

The REST API is for people with knowledge in scripting and/or coding.


CodeScene Cloud vs On-prem

CodeScene fits every software project. You only need to decide if you want to run CodeScene on your own servers, or run CodeScene as a cloud service. Fully automated.

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Is something missing?

If you couldn’t find an integration you were looking for, please let us know.

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New visual identity
New website
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CodeScene just got a new look!

The new identity revolves around our vision to “give code an intelligent voice” and reflects our forward-looking culture. The new logo reinforces the idea of artificial intelligence and CodeScene being there as an extra team member, guiding you toward better software and teams.

The new website presents relevant content in a clean, minimalistic and modern way with an aim to give visitors easy access to solutions and information.

We are proud to share this new identity with our community and hope that it will inspire all of us to write better code, build happier teams and future proof our software.