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We are delighted to announce that CodeScene has successfully raised €7.5 Million in its financing round led by Neqst and CEO/Co-investor Hamdija Jusufagic, with continued Support from Luminar Ventures and Inventure.


The financing round was led by Neqst, a prominent investment firm known for its strategic investments in transformative technology companies. This is a significant milestone for CodeScene, reaffirming its market potential and paving the way for accelerated growth. The injection of capital will enable CodeScene to further enhance its cutting-edge technology, expand its customer base, and solidify its position as a leader in the Software Engineering Intelligence space. 



Confidence in CodeScene's vision 


CodeScene's groundbreaking platform utilizes advanced patented algorithms and artificial intelligence to provide developers with actionable insights into their codebases. Unlike regular code analysis tools, CodeScene’s analyses are automatically adapted to each customer and the recommendations personalized by how their software organization works. 

This helps teams identify technical debt, optimize software architecture, and improve overall code quality. To guarantee tangible outcomes, these insights are combined with the industry’s only source code metric with a proven business impact. This innovative approach has gained widespread recognition and is an essential tool for software development teams worldwide, CodeScene have has users in over 75 countries.


Neqst's decision to lead the financing round is a testament to their belief in CodeScene's unique approach and its potential to disrupt the software development landscape. Neqst's partnership will provide CodeScene with valuable expertise, resources, and guidance as the company enters its next phase of expansion. The commitment and Co-investment from the CEO of CodeScene strengthens that belief. Additionally, the continued support of Luminar Ventures and Inventure demonstrates their confidence in CodeScene's vision and the value it brings to software development teams.


"We are thrilled to have Neqst, Luminar Ventures and Inventure on board as investors," says Hamdija Jusufagic, CEO of CodeScene.


"The investors' belief in our unique approach to Software Engineering Intelligence validates the impact and value we provide to our customers worldwide.


This investment helps us to increase growth and presence on our current top five markets USA, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherlands and India. Furthermore, we continue to redefine how software development teams optimize their codebases and secure a delivery of high-quality software."






           Hamdija Jusufagic, CEO of CodeScene and Co-Investor




CodeScene's commitment to innovation 

CodeScene's commitment to innovation and its track record of delivering tangible business outcomes have set it apart in the industry. By leveraging its industry-leading analysis platform, CodesScene is uniquely positioned to empower development teams with actionable insights that drive efficiency, productivity and give their customers a competitive edge by having a healthy codebase



About Neqst: 
Neqst is a prominent investment firm that focuses on strategic investments in transformative technology companies. With its expertise and network, Neqst supports visionary companies in their growth journey, helping them achieve long-term success and create significant value.


About Luminar Ventures: 
Luminar Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage technology companies. Luminar Venture supports promising startups by providing capital, expertise, and access to a vast network, helping them navigate challenges and realize their full potential.


About Inventure: 
Inventure is a leading early-stage venture capital firm that supports technology entrepreneurs in building exceptional companies. With a strong track record of successful investments, Inventure provides startups with capital, strategic guidance, and operational support to fuel their growth and innovation.



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