Code Health metric identifies source code that is expensive and risky to maintain.

Code quality issues cost time, money, and missed deadlines. It’s vital for decision making to know when you can safely move ahead and implement new features as well as when you might have to take a step back and improve what’s already there. That way, your system remains maintainable which is the foundation for developer productivity and great products.

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Find the code that’s expensive to maintain and at risk for defects.

Code health is an aggregated metric based on 25+ factors scanned from the source code. The code health factors are known – from research – to correlate with lower developer productivity and an increased risk for bugs. In addition to these delivery risks, independent researchers have found that low code health leads to a high number of total security errors. That’s important.


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How low code health predicts security vulnerabilities

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Supervise code health in pull requests

No matter what baseline we start from, we never want our code health to become worse. Given the scale of today’s software systems, it’s challenging to track the health of our code. CodeScene’s pull request integration lets you detect code quality issues via automated code reviews.


CodeScene automates the integration with all major Git hosting platforms like GitHub, BitBucket, Azure DevOps, and GitLab. We also support build pipelines like Jenkins, and offer an open REST API for custom integrations.


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An extra team member, available 24/7.

A codebase under active development is a moving target that’s going to change over time. This makes it challenging to manage code health issues. That’s why CodeScene is there to act as an extra team member that’s available all the time to support you and the team.


And just like a live team member, you can communicate your goals and feedback to CodeScene. CodeScene’s goal-oriented workflow lets you manage code health issues by specifying goals, which are then automatically supervised as a quality gate in Pull Requests. As such, goals fill an important role by adding what’s otherwise always missing from a code analysis: your context.

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CodeScene Cloud vs On-prem

CodeScene fits every software project. Decide if you want to run CodeScene on your own servers, or run CodeScene as a cloud service.

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CodeScene just got a new look!

The new identity revolves around our vision to “give code an intelligent voice” and reflects our forward-looking culture. The new logo reinforces the idea of artificial intelligence and CodeScene being there as an extra team member, guiding you toward better software and teams.

The new website presents relevant content in a clean, minimalistic and modern way with an aim to give visitors easy access to solutions and information.

We are proud to share this new identity with our community and hope that it will inspire all of us to write better code, build happier teams and future proof our software.