The Next Generation of Code Analysis.
Predictive and powerful.

CodeScene goes deeper than traditional code analyses. The core is machine learning algorithms that find historical relationships and longterm trends that are invisible in the source code itself. You will see the evolution of your code and learn from it. Within seconds, CodeScene knows where to find hidden risks, suggest improvements and make early warnings of delivery risks before they become an issue. It is predictive and powerful.

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Behavioral Code Analysis.
Actionable insights for your development organization.

CodeScene was created as a reaction and complement to traditional static code analysis tools. The main difference between CodeScene’s behavioral code analysis and traditional code scanning techniques is that static tools work on a snapshot of the codebase while CodeScene considers the temporal dimension and evolution of the whole system.

This makes it possible for CodeScene to prioritize technical debt and code quality issues based on how the organization actually works with the code. Hence, CodeScene limits the results to information that is relevant, actionable, and translates directly into business value.

Beyond code.
Measure the organization and people side of your system.

The code itself is only one component of a software system. As soon as an organization grows beyond a handful of people, social aspects like coordination, communication, and motivation issues increase in importance. This information is invisible in the code itself, and without it you miss an important piece of information: the people side of code.

CodeScene fills in the blanks. Since behavioral code analysis builds on social data – CodeScene knows exactly which programmer that wrote each piece of code – it’s possible to build up knowledge maps of a codebase and to measure the coordination needs by detecting inter-team dependencies. This is useful to detect sub-systems that become coordination bottlenecks or lack a clear ownership.

Identify, prioritize, and manage technical debt.

Given a large codebase or a legacy system, all potential problems cannot – and should not – be addressed at once. Instead, we would like to prioritize improving the parts of the codebase that will bring the biggest and fastest benefits to your organization. This is what CodeScene’s prioritized hotspots do.

CodeScene also comes with its unique X-Ray analysis that investigates hotspots down to a method/function level. Once a potential problem is identified, CodeScene’s augmented code analysis feature lets you specify contextual information, which is then processed as part of the analysis. This means that the analyses are aware of your goals and can measure progress towards them.

Cloud vs. On-premise

Start small. Scale up big. CodeScene fits every software project. You only need to decide if you want to install and run CodeScene on your own servers as on-premise software, or just login with your GitHub and run CodeScene as cloud service on our servers. Anyhow your codebase is always safe.

Always there.
CodeScene has your back, day and night.

CodeScene is available 24/7 as your extra team member. Always there to help your team improve your code and decrease your technical debt. Check out our live status on up-time and availability.

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