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Use Case

Branch analysis.
Detect Delivery risk

CodeScene's behavioral code analysis helps visualize branching activity, measure lead times, and predict the delivery risk of individual branches.

More Ways to Use CodeScene - Detect and correct delivery risks-1

Branch Analysis

Decrease risk for merge conflicts and unexpected feature interactions

Groups - Active branches

Get an overview of branching activity. Measure lead times.

Measure branching activity of the past two months to help you stick to a shorter development process and avoid risks of merge conflicts or unexpected feature interactions.

Tab 2 - Delivery effectiveness

Identify early signs of trouble. Predict delivery risks.

Highlighting deviations from how you typically work on branches helps identify early signs of trouble. The Delivery Risk score identifies technical risks while considering the social side of code, like developer experience.

Dashboard-alerts-latest improvements

Get insights on a particular branch

Identify early signs of trouble and deviations from how you typically work on branches. Useful insights on the work being done on the branch.


Proactive way of working

Use behavioral code analysis to plan preventive measures

Groups - Active branches
Deployment time

Detect process loss

Use the concept of Change Coupling to uncover logical service dependencies in the context of the development teams.


Use early warnings

Use early warnings to re-plan the scope and focus extra code reviews and tests on the highlighted branches. 


Reduce lead times and minimize risks

Postpone the merge of high-risk branches. Identify deviations from how you typically work on branches. Prioritize verification activities.

Automated integration with all major Git hosting platforms
Open REST API for custom integrations
Support for 28+ programming languages 

Automate code reviews, set quality gates 


Integrate CodeScene with pull request


Stops degradations of your code quality. Get early warnings and recommendations.


Set quality gates, only merge healthy code


What are our amazing customers saying?

Philips white

“CodeScene prioritizes the biggest bottlenecks in our software projects. It finds code improvements that give the biggest improvements in the development and maintenance of our codebases.“

Maarten M.

- Head of Global Quality Assurance, Philips


“Often, files with already problematic code quality slowly increase in size because it’s easier to add 20 new lines of code to a 4000-line file than to start a refactoring of the file. With CodeScene we have found it easy to overview if we’re moving in the right direction or not.”

Martin Buungard

- Chapter Lead, DFDS, Denmark

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