A visualization tool.
Predictive and powerful.

CodeScene goes deeper than traditional code analyses. The core is machine learning algorithms that use pattern recognition to find historical relationships and longterm trends in your code. You will see the history of your code and learn from it. Within seconds, CodeScene knows where to find hidden risks, suggest improvements and make early warnings of delivery risks before they become an issue. It is predictive and powerful.

The gatekeeper and the whistleblower.

The analysed data is visualized in a dashboard. You will see graphs of complexity trends which tell you how the code evolves over time, interactive hotspot maps and ranking of high risk commits. You will also get early warnings of knowledge gaps that bring your attention to abandoned code such as when a developer leaves the development team.

The dashboard lets you know when CodeScene auto-detects new hotspots, new high risk commits and rapidly increasing complexity that requires your attention. It is the gatekeeper and the whistleblower in one.

Social patterns.
The social side of code.

Based on behaviour logs, frequency of contribution and the quality of code, you will be able to evaluate team structures and discover team productivity problems. Mark developers who are leaving as “ex-developers” and CodeScene immediately tells you where in the code specific individuals have worked and the impact on the code if they leave the team.

The wayfinder to hidden risks.

CodeScene uses X-Ray analysis to find the areas of the code which are most expensive to maintain. We call them hotspots. You will see architectural patterns of the code and the social patterns of your development teams, combined together. This visualization is an unique and very powerful tool for developers to use for co-creation of new code. You navigate through interactive hotspot maps, layer by layer, into the deepest part of your system. In seconds you will find code to improve. This feature makes software development transparent, scalable and quality-assured for the future.

Cloud vs. On-premise

Start small. Scale up big. CodeScene fits every software project. You only need to decide if you want to install and run CodeScene on your own servers as on-premise software, or just login with your GitHub and run CodeScene as cloud service on our servers. Anyhow your codebase is always safe.


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