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Use Case

Improve Code Health and Code Quality

Bad Code Health and Code quality issues cost time, money, and missed deadlines. A healthy codebase enables 124% faster development time and contains 15 times fewer defects


PR integration with Delta Analysis

Improve Code Health. Enable fast time to market, minimizing rework.


Get your CodeHealth™ score. Identify risky code.

CodeScene automatically categorizes each source code file as: Green Code - healthy code with low risk for maintenance issues, Yellow Code - problematic code, and Red Code - unhealthy code with high maintenance risks


Identify Hotspots™.
Find productivity bottlenecks.

Find modules with high development activity. Hotspots are an excellent starting point if you want to find your productivity bottlenecks in code.


Prioritize strategic refactorings. Reduce technical debt.

Use Hotspots to prioritize technical debt and maintenance problems. Identify refactoring targets that will yield the highest return on investment.


Integrate with PR Quality Gates. Release quality code. 

Detect code quality issues via automated code reviews. Get immediate improvement recommendations. Set Quality Gates to prevent future code degradations. 


Why focus on Code Health?

42% of development time is wasted on technical debt. Change that.   

A project card in CodeScene showing monthly trends for Code Health, Knowledge Distribution, Team-Code Alignment and Delivery.
Code Health

Code Health metric. Proven business impact.

Code Health is the only code-level metric in software industry with a proven link to speed and quality, based on 25+ factors scanned from the source code. 

Select Findings

Replace gut feelings with data

Identify short term risks, as well as long-term trends via multiple high-level KPIs. Prioritize issues with surgical precision.

Automated Code Reviews

Visualize codebase of any size

Visualize code quality risks. Understand how your organization writes code. Act now to maintain a high-quality, high-throughput environment.

Automated integration with all major Git hosting platforms
Open REST API for custom integrations
Support for 28+ programming languages 

Visualize and measure the Code Health of your system


Understand how your organization works with the code


Identify complex code that is frequently being changed


Find Refactoring opportunnities with the highest return of investment 


What are our amazing customers saying?


“CodeScene gives me a view of the code base in a way that no other tool - or person - could. It helped me understand where our quality issues really came from, and to redirect my team to focus on remediating those areas.”

Shane Cheary

- Chief Technology Officer, Hangar A

Bringme 2

"CodeScene makes it very easy to surface technical debt and assists in continuously monitoring your code health. It even gives you clear instructions on fixing code health declines."

Xavier Greffe

- ScrumMaster, BringMe

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