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Use Case

Developer Onboarding 

Onboard developers faster. Visualize codebases of any size, understand where you have risky code and who is working where. 


Avoid Knowledge Loss

Onboard Developers easier. Improve Knowledge Sharing.

Offboarding Simulation

Onboard to abandoned code

Maintaining code written by former team members is more expensive and risky. Identify these areas and onboard new developers, plan learning.


Reduce risk of knowledge loss

CodeScene helps you identify high-risk areas in your code where you need more team members collaborating and sharing knowledge.

Pull request check

Empower developer learning 

CodeScene acts as a team mate, enabling developers to learn through insights and recommendations about their code. 


How does CodeScene support Developer  Onboarding? 

Successful Onboarding requires visibility into code and people behind it.  

Simulate Developer Off-Boarding and Mitigate Risk_desktop
Unplanned Work

Detect and eliminate risks

Visualize abandoned code. Look for components that are entirely in the heads of former contributors. That's where the largest risk is.


Make code onboarding easier

Prepare if organization, components or sub-systems are at risk. Use insights to re-prioritize or re-plan features that require extensions of those components.

Automated integration with all major Git hosting platforms
Open REST API for custom integrations
Support for 28+ programming languages 

How to prioritize technical debt with hotspots


Prioritize technical debt with surgical precision.


Stops degradations of your code quality. Get early warnings.


CodeScene acts as a quality gate. Only merge healthy code. 


What are our amazing customers saying?


"It allows us to be proactive and visualise the impact of a developer leaving a team. On rapidly growing teams, it is important to see where those knowledge islands and risks are."

Ben Holm

- Senior Director of Engineering, VidMob


“In an early start-up stage, you often have situations where everything is in the mind of one key developer. However, you get to a point when that is no longer sustainable and becomes a real risk to the growth and potential of the company. You get to that point you need a reliable tool to guide you.”

Marcus Rydberg

- Co-founder and CTO, Luminare

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