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Use Case

Build cohesive teams via team-code alignment 

Modularity of a software design needs to align with the responsibilities of the development teams. Team-Code Alignment Explorer visualizes dependencies between developers and teams in your codebase. 


Visualize Team Coupling and Team Cohesion

Minimize dependencies, build cohesive teams


Inspect Team Cohesion

Strive for strong team cohesion. The team carries a meaning from an architectural perspective; the members work on related parts of the code. Less coordination needs. 


Inspect Team Coupling

Strive for loosely coupled teams, with loose dependencies. Tight dependencies between different teams become coordination bottlenecks, and risks of conflicting changes to the code increases.  


Interactive view of teams and developers 

The interactive view visualizes dependencies between teams and developers in a codebase. Each shape is a team, each circle represents a specific developer in that team. 


Deduce root-causes of misaligned teams

Identify areas of improvements through CodeScene analyses 

(new) hotspots-chang-coupling-coordination-view-codescene 1-1


Combine Hotspots Analysis with CodeScene's Code Health Perspective to identify technical debt and other code quality issues.  

Change coupling

Change coupling 

Discover complex dependecies through CodeScene's Change Coupling feature. Evaluate how well a software architecture aligns with the organizational structure of the team.

Coordination needs

Coordination needs view

Highlight where in the code authors from multiple teams need to coordinate their code changes, start with investigating the fragmentation by authors.

Automated integration with all major Git hosting platforms
Open REST API for custom integrations
Support for 28+ programming languages 

Automated Code Reviews with Pull Request Integration


Detect code quality issues via an automated code review.


Stops degradations of your code quality. Get early warnings. 


CodeScene acts as a quality gate. Only merge healthy code. 


What are our amazing customers saying?


“CodeScene offers insights to our software teams that they could never have had before. I particulary love how the analyses aren’t just because they’re possible or interesting, but because they can guide great decision making.”

Will Ellis

- VP Engineering, SoundCloud Ltd


“Are we making a distributed monolith or are we making decoupled microservices? It can be hard to see if just looking at the repositories. I find it clear to get information from CodeScene regarding this by using the change coupling.”

Martin Bungaard

- Chapter leader, DFDS 

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