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Use Case

Support development teams with actionable insights.

Many organizations struggle with technical debt and code quality issues. CodeScene was developed to support development teams by providing them with actionable and continuous feedback loop for engineering decisions based on data.


Refactoring Recommendations

Reduce technical debt based on impact


Visualize technical debt and other code quality issues

Combine Hotspots Analysis with CodeScene’s Code Health perspective to quickly prioritize technical debt or other code quality issues. Low code health in a development hotspot is expensive. Prioritize improvements here.


Get Prioritized Refactoring targets 

CodeScene helps you narrow down refactoring targets based on the highest return on invested effort.

Dashboard-alerts-latest improvements

Function level analysis

Stop accumulating technical debt. Integrate CodeScene with pull request. Enable automated, intelligent code reviews and quality gates that support development teams continuously.


Proactive way of working

Highlight improvements, focus on code health

Dashboard-alerts-latest improvements

Personalized dashboards

Filter by development team and get overall metrics for the whole codebase. Filter by team so that each team gets their personalized dashboard and a shared mental model of the codebase.  

Select Findings

Positive reinforcements

Empower development teams with positive reinforcements, highlight improvements such as successful refactorings.

Pull request

Enable Pull Request integration

CodeScene offers an automated integration with GitHub, BitBucker, Azure DevOps or GitLab pull requests to existing delivery workflows. It serves as a quality gate. Get early warnings on new and complex code, detect code quality issues via an automated code review.

Automated integration with all major Git hosting platforms
Open REST API for custom integrations
Support for 28+ programming languages 

Automated code reviews with Pull Request integration


Detect code quality issues via an automated code review


Stops degradations of your code quality. Get early warnings.


CodeScene acts as a quality gate. Only merge healthy code. 


What are our amazing customers saying?


"Everyone with big legacy codebases has developers telling them that “we need to rewrite all of these things”. But you can’t focus on everything at once. How do you make the right decisions around where to invest your resources? CodeScene helps prioritize development and refactoring efforts to areas that will have the biggest impact and return on investment.”

Ben Holm

- Senior Director of Engineering, VidMob


"For me, the most impressive and most helpful thing with CodeScene is that we were able to get to high code quality without having to do any major rewrites or replace team members. We achieved this just by adapting to CodeScene's rules. So over time, using CodeScene resulted in very big and positive outcomes for our organization, which is a huge win for our team and makes me as CTO, very happy."

Marcus Rydberg

- Co-founder and CTO, Luminare

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