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CodeScene goes deeper than traditional code analyses. It reveals the evolution of your code so that you can learn from it. Within seconds, CodeScene knows where to find hidden risks, suggest improvements and make early warnings of delivery risks before they become an issue. It is predictive and powerful.


Connect your git account and start by running an analysis of your code. The analysis reveals your code health score and areas of improvement. CodeScene uncovers hidden risks and gives you the power to find code that is prone to defects.

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Visualize hotspots, code health of each file, technical debt by priority, architectural coupling, social statistics, knowledge distribution, developer off-boarding risk, defect density, delivery effectives, PR statistics, complexity trends and more. CodeScene provides easy to grasp visuals that point to areas where you can drill down deeper. This makes it easy to decide where to place your focus and what code should be prioritised.



You can't fix all your technical debt tomorrow. Which files are the costliest in terms of developer time, feature progress or risk? With prioritized hotspots, CodeScene shows you which improvements will bring the greatest benefits to your organization and maximize return on investment.



It's not just about what's wrong, but how to get better. On Pull Requests or in the Virtual Code Review, CodeScene provides detailed feedback to developers, at both the file/class level, or at the method/function level. CodeScene acts like a gatekeeper, making sure that any new code is in line with goals and standards your team sets.


Track progress

Track delivery effectiveness and complexity trends, supervise code health with quality gates, track progress toward goals to reduce technical debt and improve the health of your codebase.


Uncover the power of CodeScene

We have selected a few open-source projects to showcase the power of CodeScene. Click on a project to see the latest analysis results, and from there you can dig deeper to learn about the analyses available in CodeScene.

Open source project


React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces that aims to efficiently update and render just the right components as data changes. It encourages you to write components that manage their own state, and to compose them into more complex UIs.
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Open source project


Docker is an open source project to pack, ship and run Linux applications as a lightweight isolated containers. It supports major Linux distributions and Windows.
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Open source project


ASP.NET Core MVC is a model view controller framework for building dynamic web sites with clean separation of concerns, including the merged MVC, Web API, and Web Pages with Razor. The project is part of ASP.NET Core.
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