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CodeScene’s main use cases are to prioritize technical debt, detect delivery risks, and measure organizational aspects. It supports an organization with clear feedback loops and actionable insights into the evolution of a software system.

Automate Code Reviews

CodeScene integrates with pull requests to provide feedback and detect code quality issues via an automated code review. This popular integration that helps development teams by serving as a quality gate and early feedback loop.

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Automate Code Reviews

Detect Technical Risks

CodeScene uses a machine learning algorithm that is trained to detect technical risks while weighting in the social side of code such as the experience of the developer doing the changes. Use this information to plan preventive measures such as extra code reviews and tests. You can also setup a separate CodeScene analysis and just focus on the work being done on the branch.

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Detect Technical Risks

Build Maintainable Systems

Systems with low technical debt are easier to maintain. CodeScene helps you build maintainable systems by providing visibility into your code health, prioritizing fixes so you know where to focus, identifying risks ahead of time and providing guidence on how to improve.

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Mitigate Developer Off-Boarding Risk

Let’s say a developer leaves your organization or is transferred to a different project. What’s the impact on your application? Are there any high risk areas where you might lose mastery?

CodeScene comes with a simulation module that lets you explore the effects of a planned off-boarding while the developers are still aboard. This lets you identify off-boarding risks and areas of code in need of a new main developer.

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Communicate Technical Debt to Non-Technical Stakeholders

CodeScene bridges the gap between Tech and Business. A customized dashboard allows you to follow trends that matter to you. See the cost implication of technical debt. Visualize the impact of unplanned work resulting from technical debt.

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